Wuxi Blue Clean Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. develops, makes, and serves clients in the diverse fields of filters and elements including systems.

  The company works with universities and research institutions to design and manufacture products comparable to established well-known brands in the industry worldwide. The company has passed and complied with ISO9002 international quality certification system. We own an advanced production line and quality inspection facilities. Our filter-materials are sourced from major firms (HV of US,Mercedes Benz, Donaldson Filters).

  Company development and production of liquid, gas precision filtration of aseptic using full completeness inspection, plus (laser particle aided testing) in order to verify the absolute precision products. Main filter with American pharmacopoeia with biological safety standards and China GB - 688-88, GB/T17219-1998 standards. The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, biological engineering, food and beverage, electronics, electroplating,chemical, pure water manufacturing precision industry etc. We export to Korea, Russia, and southeast Asia.





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